The Story of Twisted Thistle Farm

Hi everyone thank you for stopping by!! I am Tia and Steve is my other half, and we are Twisted Thistle Farm. 

Many have asked how we came up with the name Twisted Thistle Farm. It is the name we have given to our family homestead in the Panhandle where our parents live. There is a crick (yes it is a crick, it’s too small to be a creek) on the land that has an abundance of thistle growing around it.  The Twisted part comes in from another aspect of our lives, Steve likes to blacksmith. We run a blacksmith demonstration camp called Twisted Tongs. The name Twisted Thistle combines the two and just seemed to bring everything together nicely.

We make all our soaps the good old fashioned way, with our own hands using quality ingredients. You will never find a commercial melt and pour soap base, detergents or sulfates in any of our products. Twisted Thistle Farm is environmentally conscious, sourcing locally when possible. We use only premium fragrance oils and the finest essential oils (sometimes a blend of the two) to make our intoxicating scents, and herbs, cosmetic-grade clay, and mineral pigments to make the fun colors in our soaps.

Twisted Thistle Farm products are not tested on animals, unless you consider our family members animals. (Well, have you met them? We have!) Many of our soaps are vegetarian friendly except the soaps containing honey and goats milk.