Why Should I buy Handcrafted soap???

  1. You are supporting a small business.
    Most commercial soaps are manufactured in a large factory by anonymous workers in a land far far away. Our soaps are made by us, here in Lake Worth, Fl.

  2. You get quality ingredients, not detergents, hardeners, or synthetic ingredients to make it lather better.
    Our soaps are made with the finest quality oils, not the cheapest. We depend on our formulating, not synthetic ingredients, to make our soaps perform at their best. 

  3. Commercial soaps often have the glycerin removed, ours doesn't.
    Handmade soap still contains glycerin. Why is this important? Glycerin is what helps soap from drying your skin out. Soap that contains glycerin is milder, gentler and less drying.

  4. We control the ingredients that we use, not shareholders.
    We formulate our soaps with skin loving oils and our imaginations to make bathing an experience vs a chore. 

  5. Last one. But Lye Soap is sooooo harsh...  I don't want to put lye on skin!
    No one does.. True soap is the process of a chemical reaction between fats, water and lye called Saponification (which means the making of soap). When formulated properly, there is no lye leftover after the saponification process.